Brand Management

Strategic Brand Management

September 21, 2018

Your brands are one of the most valuable assets your company owns. Just like any other assets they have value – they are built on trust, customer loyalty, creating value for the customer, satisfying customer needs and preferences and the brand building process takes a lot of time and effort. Customers purchase brands because they […]

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Brand Management in Retail

August 23, 2018

Why are people brand loyal? Why branding is so important in business? What makes the brand successful? Finding answers to these questions leads to successful business which depends on repeat purchasing. It goes well beyond a logo or “look and feel” and encompasses the whole product concept – the promise of delivery, quality, and predictability. […]

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Online Brand Management to Track Success

July 11, 2018

Online brand management builds and maintains a credible image of a business on the internet. With the rise of online brand marketing, social media monitoring becomes helpful in building a good teademark name. When a brand loses its credibility due to online posts, potential clients and sales are also lost. Thus, online brand administration looks […]

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